Son of Madhusudan S. Apte 

Indian, Born in India, Date of Birth: 10th September, 1939. Married.



B. Architecture (First Class First) M.S. University, Baroda, India, 1959.

M. Tech. (Regional Planning) Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India, 1961.

Certificate in Urban Design, University of Naples, Italy, 1963.

Dip. Business Management (Chancellor’s Gold Medal) Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan,

(Deemed University) New Delhi, India, 1974.                   


EMPLOYMENT  POSITIONS :                 

Chief Consultant                             Aptey Consultancy,  1982 to date.

President(Architecture)   :              Makers Development Services Ltd. 1984 to 2009.

Project Director                 :              Nirman Housing Pvt. Ltd. Baroda, 1982-1984

Visiting Professor             :              M.S.University & School of Architecture, Baroda, 1982-84                           

Executive Director            :              Spencer Estates Ltd. Bangalore, 1979 - 82.

Chief (Projects)                  :              Housing & Urban Dev. Corp. India, N. Delhi, 1972 - 79.

Senior Town Planner        :              New Capital Project, Gujarat, 1965 - 72.

Associate Planner              :              Asansol Planning Org. Asansol, W. Bengal, 1964 - 65.

Asst. Associate Planner    :              Delhi Development Authority, N. Delhi, 1963

Junior Architect                 :              Council of Scientific & Ind. Research, N. Delhi 1961 - 63.



1.            Economic Dev. Institute (Shelter strategies), World Bank, Washington.          

2.            School of Planning & Architecture, Town Planning Department, New Delhi, India.

3.            Management  Institute, (Student/Personnel selection) Bandra, Mumbai, India.                            

4.            Centre for Development Studies & Activities,( Housing development) Pune, India.

5.            Department of Architecture (Housing), M.S. University, Baroda, India.    

6.            Institute of Environmental Design (Architecture) Vallabh Vidyanagar, India.   




The building of Gandhinagar New Capital of Gujarat:INDIA April 2012

Urban Planning & Development;An Indian Perspective  July 2013

Urban Growth Strategies:Mumbai Lessons  August  2013

Housing Strategy for Thimphu, Bhutan. Royal Govt. of Bhutan, Feb.2002

The Master Plan: A Search for Alternatives. Ministry of Urban Dev. India, May, 1997

Planning & Management of Shelter Programs in Developing Countries. 1990

Design Concepts: Low Cost Housing Designs. (Book) March 1976


Sponsored Research

Resettlement of Hawkers: Research study in Mumbai,(HUDCO)  1997

Land Procurement for Housing: Case Study of Maharashtra: CRDT of ITPI, 1991

Environment in Habitat: A HUDCO Study 1983

An outlook for India’s Future: Housing. N.C.S.T.  New Delhi, 1976


Research Papers

Legislative Support for Dev. Plans : 50th Town Planning Congress ,April 2002

Planning Education: Need for Reorientation, I.T.P.I. Journal, Feb. 2001

Urban Management: Int. Conference on Urbanization, Bangalore, Jan. 2000 

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The B.M.R. Plan : Reviewing Basic Parameters, 1998

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Teaching of Architecture Today: A Contemporary Approach. 1969   

Gandhinagar: New Capital of Gujarat. ITPI Journal 1969

Stemming the Tide:: Town & Country Planning, London ,1966          



Fellow of the Institute of Town Planners, India.

Fellow of the Indian Institute of Architects.



Italian Govt. Scholarship for Post Graduate Studies in Urban Design , Naples,1963.

Eisenhower Fellowship, Fellow in the field of Urban Management, U.S.A. 1988.



AVAS:   Association for Voluntary Action & Services, Bangalore, India. 1979 A  Non

              Government Organization undertaking slum up gradation, housing, adult

 literacy, women’s empowerment and self employment programs.


ABHINAYA: Association for Cultural Activities, Bangalore, India.1979. To promote

         Indian Classical music and theatre.


National/International Urban Planning/Architectural Design Competitions.


Research Board of Advisors, American Biographical Institute, 2001

Vasai- Virar Sub-Region Development Plan Committee, 1996-98

Bombay Development Plan Advisory Committee, 1987-88

Maharashtra Housing & Area Dev. Authority, Mumbai, 1974-84.

Bombay Metropolitan Region Development Authority, HURE Board, 1974 -1980.

Board of Governors, School of Planning & Architecture , New Delhi 1974-1978.         

Board of Studies in Architecture, M.S. University, Baroda - 1978.

Working Group on Housing, Planning Commission. New Delhi -1976.

Indian Standards Institution Committees, New Delhi, 1974 - 76.                     



1.            The World Bank, Mumbai Urban Transport Project (advise on Resettlement &

               Rehabilitation  of  families being evacuated from along the suburban railway tracks)

               ETRP, Chennai Tsunami resettlement project

2.            Royal Government of Bhutan, Structure Plan for Thimphu, Capital city (Preparation 

   of a Shelter Strategy, housing projects ,architectural designs, building bylaws etc.)

3.           Tata Consultancy Services, Mumbai.(Development of Real Estate at underground

  stations for a Light Railway System for Central Business District of Bombay, on

  regional rail links and other projects in the Bombay Metropolitan Region)    

4.           Maharashtra Housing & Area Development Authority, Mumbai.(Planning Housing

  projects all over the State and identification of towns for integrated development)

5.          Centre for Dev.  Studies & Activities, Pune.(Conducting workshops and lectures for

the students of Development Planning)

6.          Housing & Urban Dev.Corpn. N.Delhi.( Feed back studies of Housing and Urban

Development Projects undertaken with financial assistance from HUDCO)

7.          ESSAR group of Companies, Mumbai.(Real Estate Development  options in Bombay)

8.          Weizman India Ltd, Mumbai. (Feasibility studies for Real Estate Development)

9.          National Housing Bank, New Delhi (Framing Housing Finance guidelines)

10.        Asian Development Bank, Manila, Philipines. (on the Panel)

11.        United Nations Center for Human Settlements, Nairobi, Kenya.(on the Panel)

12.          Malasya International Consultants, Petaling Jaya (Site & Services Planning)

13.          United Nations Development Program (registered as a Consultant)



302-E, Gurudarshan, 7- Samarthanagar, Andheri (W), Mumbai  400 053, India. 

Tel. Res: 91-22-26311241/26369101  Tele- Fax. 91-22-26369101

E mail:                     Website:



PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE:                Over 52Years in:


            Graduate and post graduate students in Architecture, city & regional planning

            housing and business management at School of Planning & Architecture, N.Delhi,

            Colleges of Architecture in Bombay, and Baroda & Management Institutres in

            Mumbai. Graduate students of Development Planning at Centre for Development

            studies and Activities, Pune. Short term courses and workshops all over India.

Architecture & Interior Design:

           Design of residential towers, offices, shopping malls, health-education-

           Recreation- community buildings, star hotels, restaurants, convention halls,

           large commercial complexes. Total work worth Rs.9000 Million.

Rural & Urban Housing

           Design  of housing Projects worth Rs.1050  Million in 300 towns and cities in

            India. A self contained township for 4280 apartments in Mumbai.

Research & Studies:  

            Regional Planning strategies. Identification of Urban Growth Centres. Urban   

            Development Planning Options. Economics of land development. Slum up   

            gradation methodologies. Shelter & Housing Strategies. Development Control

            Regulations & Building codes. Housing density criteria. Housing Finance

            Strategies. Real Estate Development. Market Surveys & Feed back studies.

Management & H.R.D :

            Designing and conducting training programs, seminars, short term courses.

            Preparing manuals. Personnel selection and evaluation. Management of

            multidisciplinary Teams for project design, planning, feasibility, Implementation,

            monitoring and evaluation.              

Urban Development & Urban Design:    

            Design of Business & Shopping Precincts, Transport terminals, Urban renewal

            (Srinagar), City  structure, urban form and land optimization models (Jaipur,

            Gandhinagar, Srinagar, Hyderabad, Bangalore). Commercial Complex of 3

            million. sq.ft. (Mumbai).

Regional/ Urban/ Rural Planning:   

Planning for Resource, Administrative & River valley regions (Damodar 

               Valley,Asansol-Durgapur Coal-Steel region, Vasai – Virar sub region) New

               Towns/Capital cities (Asansol, Durgapur, Gandhinagar, Vivekanand Nagar,

               Bodela) Metropolitan development (Bombay- Pune )  Development plan for

               extended area of Pune Municipal Corporation, Regional transportation network

               for Mumbai sub-region, Regional and new city plan for Gandhinagar, Gujarat.

               City Development Plan, Pimpri-Chinchwad town.

Socio-Economic Development:

                          Physical & Socio-Economic Surveys, working with voluntary organizations for

                          health, nutrition, education and shelter projects.


            Royal Government of Bhutan for preparing Structure plan for the Capital City

            Thimphu, with the World Bank for Resettlement & Rehabilitation for Mumbai

            Urban Transport Project, Public & Private Sector Organizations for Integrated

            Rural/Urban Dev.,City Planning,Urban Management, Market Surveys, Feasibility

            & Project Reports for Star Hotels & Institutional Finance. 

            Consultant to World  Bank’s; Housing Project for Malaysia; (Building materials &

               Const. Industry);  Thane Municipal Corporation (Development Management);

              Madhya Pradesh  Urban Development Project (Legislation); Maharashtra Urban

              Development  Project. Perspective Plans for housing agencies, Evaluation of slum

             rehabilitation  schemes (Gujarat). Resources mobilization for Railway links (IRCON),

             Light Railway Transport Study for down town Mumbai  (real estate development),

            Regional transport plan (Mumbai sub-region).

Project Management :

            New Towns, Sites & Services projects, Urban/Rural, community dev. projects,

            Commercial complexes, Housing Projects, Building Materials/Components

            manufacturing, Five Star Hotels, Restaurants, Renovation & Interiors; total

            projects worth Rs.2476 Million.



1.        Architecture & Interior Design

2.        Urban Development

3.        Housing (Development & Finance)

4.       City & Regional Planning



1.            Bhutan, Thimphu, Sept. 2001, Senior Adviser to Royal Government of Bhutan.

2.            Denmark, Norway, Sweden, July 2000.

3.            U.S.A. 1988,1994,1996,1998, 2000. Studied Housing & Urban Development       

                           Management in 20 cities of U.S.A. (Eisenhower Fellow in 1988)

4.            Malaysia, Kualalumpur, October 1978. Consultant to World Bank aided Sites &                          

               Services and Low Cost Housing Project for Malaysia.           

5.            Singapore, 1976,1998,2000. Studied Low income housing Projects.

6.            Hongkong, 1976,1998. Studied Slum up gradation and low cost housing.             

7.            Thailand, Bangkok 1976. Studied housing & Urban Development  Projects.

8.            Indonesia, Jakarta, 1976. Studied Urban Planning & Slum Up gradation Projects.



English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati. Working knowledge of Italian & Bengali.



 Prof. Christopher Benninger.  India House ,53 Sopan Baug Balewadi,

Pune 4110 045, India. Tel. 91-20-65102333.  Email: /


Prakash M.  APTE