Wonder what the photograph is? It is a proposed hotel building at Hyderabad, India with individual cottages in the foreground. I have designed  two more hotels, one at Goa and another in mumbai. You can view those and my urban planning & development projects in the My Projects photographs tab. You can also download all my ebooks from this page.


I AM an urban planning & development Consultant.

I am the town planner of the greenest city in the world, Gandhinagar. You can read the genesis and description of the new city in my book'THE BUILDING OF GANDHINAGAR: NEW CAPITAL OF GUJARAT. (Foreword by Christopher Benninger, world renowned Architect) My other books URBAN PLANNING & DEVELOPM ENT:AN INDIAN PERSPECTIVE', (Foreword by Girish Gokhale, I.A.S. Ex. Municipal Commissioner, Mumbai), URBAN GROWTH STRATEGIES:MUMBAI LESSONS’, (Foreword by N.V.Merani Ex. Principal Secretary, Government of Maharashtra), ' WHAT AILS INDIA ', 'MAKING OF A NEW CAPITAL CITY', 'HANDS ON GUIDE: URBAN PLANNING AND HOUSINGencompass over 57 years of field  EXPERIENCE in developing optimal,simple,practical and innovative approaches to urban development issues.

Planning & Designing of low income housing projects has been my passion all these years. You can read my articles and see the urban housing projects I de signed. All these projects are integrated in city/regional plans. You can also read my thoughts about Regional Planning & Town planning. All my urban development projects can also be viewed. I have also written extensively about Urban Management and Education.

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Apte's Principle.

"Projects in India are undertaken for their propensity to generate kickbacks for the politicians, bureaucrats, and technocrats. Any benefit accruing to the people is incidental and unintended."